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Welcome to, the web site of one of Australia's leading photographers of Motorcycle sport, Keith Muir.

This site allows competitors and participants to search for, and purchase quality prints of images shot at various motorcycle events though out the country.

These include road racing, supermotard, 150 juniors, ride days, and long track meetings.

100% Money Back Guarantee on prints.
All our images are processed photographically on quality photographic paper with a matt surface. We do not use inkjet or dye sublimation devices. We guarantee our image quality, and will print any size you like. To learn more click here.

The problem experienced by Apple SAFARI and Google CHROME Browser users with my "Find your photo:" function has been resolved. Thanks to the help from the Canberra Linux Users Group members in locating the problem.

Keith Muir.

2015 Ducati Turismo
now online
In the "Ridedays" section at the botom of the list
Click on the photo to see full screen and then right click save to your computer

Prints A4 and larger are available with custom cropping or purchase digital JPGs to print yourself.

Turismo riders enjoy a %25 discount, Thanks Frasers
Please call if you have any questions

Regards Keith

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Did you ride 2 days in a row ???????
School or Ride Day, call for special offfer

Kawasaki Team Green ride day April 8 Wakefield Park now online

Photographic prints are only available in A4 (8"x12") size and larger. For all smaller prints just buy digital Hi Resolution JPGs to print yourself.

Previous years images are still online.

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